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Project: Better Foods Product Promotion

Customer: Better Foods
Project: Gino’s Post-It Notes Coupons

Project Description:
Better Foods wanted to efficiently cross sell their products by applying coupons to their pizza boxes.

Final Product

  • Custom “Post-It Note” style coupons

Produce coupons that could be efficiently placed on pizza boxes at the restaurants.
The coupons needed to be easily placed by employees and effortlessly removed by the customer.

Product Conception:Two beta options were conceived and samples produced for client to inspect and approve.

Option one: Die cut coupon produced on low tack stock

  • For adhesion low tack stock was selected for adhesion
  • For ease of removal, coupons would be perforated
  • For maximum marketing exposure the coupon would be printed on both sides

Option two: Coupon using a 100 sheet “Post-It Note” format

  • Post-It Note” style pads of 100 sheets was selected
  • For maximum marketing exposure the coupon would be printed on both sides

Final Selection: For overall efficiently, the client choose the “Post-It Note Pads” format

Production Process:
The project was printed on a web press using four colors on the front, four colors on the back along with a special adhesive.
Product was completed in finishing by padding in 100 sheets, shrink wrapping, packaging into boxes and finally shipped directly to each restaurant.

All project requirements where met and the project was a success.
Better Foods had multiple versions produced for their yearly promotional program.