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Project: Masonite Doors Rebranding

Customer: Masonite Doors
Project: Product Rebranding

Project Description:
Masonite Doors International underwent a companywide rebranding that required the updating of all materials within the Home Depots located in Florida. The project contained over 100 SKUs that would require printing on five individual material types.

Product lines to update

  • Product Displays
  • Catalogs
  • Counter Mats & Mouse Pads
  • Product Labels
  • Counter Cards

Deliver all required products lines within budget, maintain quality standards and meet predetermined schedules.
All materials would need to meet corporate branding color specifications.
Certain product lines needed to fit into existing displays, making sizing especially critical.

The counter mats and mouse pads would require special attention; being constructed of two materials adhered to one another and then die cut. The proper bonding of the materials would be important for this portion of the project.

Solutions & Process:
To insure quality and size standards, printed samples of the product lines were produced for Masonite to inspect and approve.

To meet budget, custom production runs where implemented to achieve the best yield of materials. Two separate print processes where used in production of the product lines; large format UV and sheetfed digital printing.

To insure the company branding was consistent, PMS colors where color matched.

All project requirements where met, the project was a success and Masonite has since begun a total national rebranding.

Shoreline Print Group has since assisted the Masonite art department by rendering the art files needed to accommodate the national rebranding.