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About Shoreline Print Group

Shoreline Print Group
Owner: Robert Groettum

I am a third generation printer with my father being involved in the printing industry his entire life.
For a time our family operated a small town newspaper; the entire family shared in the responsibilities of reporting, writing, production and the delivery of the paper.

My experience and knowledge in printing spans from hands on production to project development and execution. I use this knowledge to help businesses, both large and small fulfill their printing needs.

Shoreline Print Group is myself and a group of quality trade printers capable of producing a wide range of products. I match each project with the right printer to offer the best solutions; keeping the project price down and the quality at the highest.

Through the cycle of your project, I can partner with you in developing the concept, selecting the best materials and scheduling its production. Samples can be produced to assure you will have the best possible product before going to press.

On every project, I focus on providing the best in quality, on time delivery at a competitive cost.
During production I perform press checks and review the final finishing of your product. Once again assuring that you receive the highest quality product manufactured to your specifications.

After each project is completed we perform a project review together to insure your ongoing satisfaction.

I would welcome the opportunity to be involved in your next project.
I promise you will not be disappointed.

Robert Q. Groettum


Robert Groettum: Owner of Shoreline Print Group

I thank you for taking some of your time reviewing what Shoreline Print Group has to offer your company.

My name is Robert Groettum, a 3rd generation printer so you may think it is part of my DNA or at least there must be some Ink in my blood.

My printing background started when I was a young man, growing up in a small-town family newspaper, where we began learning how to produce lead type on a Linotype and Set Type for a 1950’s Letterpress and Kluge.  After serving in the Marine Corp I had decided to follow my grandfather and fathers foot prints into the printing industry myself.

After several years in the printing industry, working in all Print Processes that we offer, I had decided to start Shoreline Print Group to offer clients the opportunity to have one printing consultant with over 30 years of experience in Offset Lithography, Flexography, Screen Process, and Digital Technology.  Offering Web and Sheetfed printed products using Specialty Coatings and Inks

If you are looking for someone to sit down and review what your needs are in print, or if your company is growing at a fast pace and would like help in managing multiple SKU’s and having them printed and on hand for replacement, Shoreline Print Group can and has done that for organizations who send signage, catalogs, labels and displays to major Big Box retail businesses.

If you are interested in reviewing your Promotional Programs that may need to be custom kit packaged to reach your retail locations on a certain date, because of radio or television advertisement. Shoreline Print Group would be a great choice to call for review.

Our job here at Shoreline Print Group is to keep your job as simple and Stress Free as possible.   We are good at putting a Puzzle of Print Together, and would enjoy speaking with you to see if we can help.


Robert Groettum

We Thrive On Challenging Projects That Produce Bigger Rewards.

The Right Tools. The Right Solution.

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